Enhanced to better integrate with modern databases and processes.


PROVisioning: Excellence in Data

With DRNet®/Vision deployed, formerly silo-ed data is turned into information to better support the actionable insights the enterprises depend upon in today’s competitive marketplace.

DRNet®/Vision integrates with any JDBC/ compliant database as delivered with DRNet®/Open but includes support for integration with any JSON data consumer including:
  • Splunk>
  • Kafka
  • ELK and many more...
Whereas DRNet®/Open supports integration on a record to record basis, DRNet®/Vision ensures enterprises have visibility to all actions taken on data – for the first time, this now includes Measure Data and metadata.

In so doing, the history of data created on NonStop can be fully leveraged by any of these JSON data consuming product offerings.

The value in extending data replication to better serve data integration is yet one more instance of the DRNet® product suite meeting the needs of today’s modern enterprise.


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At NTI we have the right team to execute on any data opportunities arising from the business needs of the NonStop community.


DRNet®/Vision - Enhanced to better integrate with modern databases and processes.

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