Meets the needs of those businesses that require a single-source solution to integrate, transform and distribute data.

DRNet®/Unified for Business Integration

PROVisioning: Excellence in Data

Data created on NonStop is data at its freshest and is valued when it can be delivered to where its contribution is both timely and influential.

Decisions being made in real time need access to data created in real time.

DRNet®/Unified for Business Integration supports HPE NonStop data participation with any external database or application. A stand-alone product package combining support for distribution, integration and transformation, without any requirement for replication being activated making it the ideal solution for business integration where other replication products may be present.

NTI is providing a solution for the movement of data to systems and platforms where targets are not NonStop – with no license fees for any target(s) configured to receive NonStop data.

With no requirements to activate DRNet®/Core.

When it comes to breaking down data silos, NonStop Community deserves alternatives; should consider NTI as having strongest value proposition

NonStop Users, not Vendors, determine strategy for moving data; a customer-obsessed approach leads to products and packages that matter to NonStop users


One solution, one vendor, only ever one call to make no matter where your data needs take you

The combination of DRNet®/Vision and DRNet®/Open as a stand-alone package that will readily coexist with existing Disaster Recovery products to bring to your enterprise data integration, transformation, and distribution:


To any JDBC Databases

  • Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Sybase and many more...

To other Message Queues, BI, DW Consumers leveraging JSON

  • Kafka
  • Splunk>
  • ELK
  • Hadoop and many more...

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At NTI we have the right team to execute on any data opportunities arising from the business needs of the NonStop community.


Meeting today’s business requirement for greater participation by HPE NonStop systems across enterprise hybrid IT.

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