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Introducing DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion

NTI successfully navigating a path forward for NonStop users looking at GoldenGate alternatives

DRNet Unified for GoldenGate Conversion

In former times, resilience was determined by the effectiveness of our policies involving removable disks and tapes

DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion delivers on a methodology based on three key tasks:
  • Collection:
    NTI gathers the current workload
  • Re-Imagine:
    NTI maps GoldenGate to DRNet®/Unified
  • Provides:
    NTI delivers and oversees implementation

DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion delivers on metrics based on NonStop customer needs.

Today, resilience is delivered with simplicity, speed and leveraging the smarts of the NTI team, thus minimizing resourcing investments by end-users:
  • Simplicity:
    NTI consolidates multiple file requirements to single config file
  • Speed:
    NTI maps GoldenGate to DRNet®/Unified ‘line for line’
  • Smarts:
    NTI operability demands no additional education of skillsets

One solution, one vendor, only ever one call to make!

Check! NTI delivers and has a history of delivering such a solution to NonStop users and now customers new to NTI can have it all too-no other products required!

DRNet Unified for GoldenGate Conversion

As part of delivery, NTI does the ‘heavy lifting’ ensuring production ready optimized solutions for BASE24 and BASE24eps customers.

  • Immediacy:
    The desire for timely results from a proven source
  • Risk Mitigation:
    The value expected with industry- recognized methodology
  • Competency:
    The expectation from leveraging expertise already gained

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