NTI making data decisions easy with DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers.

Free From Constraints.

Data Replication, Business Continuity, Extricated.

NTI making data decisions easy with DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers.

Driven by change.

Continuous Adaptation Embraced.

NTI making data decisions easy with DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers.

Power of Partners.

Ecosystems Alliances Executed.

NTI making data decisions easy with DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers.

Delivering Prosperity.

Crisis Reduction, Business Resilience, Enhanced.

Introducing DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion

NTI successfully navigating a path forward for NonStop users looking at GoldenGate alternatives

DRNet Unified for GoldenGate Conversion

Combining newly gained expertise with legendary replication prowess following timely migrations to the DRNet®/Unified Product suite

  • Immediacy:
    The desire for timely results from a proven source
  • Risk Mitigation:
    The value expected with industry- recognized methodology
  • Competency:
    The expectation from leveraging expertise already gained

DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers

NTI continuing to turn data into information and information into opportunity for better business insight.


A combination of DRNet®/Core, DRNet®/Open and DRNet®/Vision, NonStop customers will have it all!

  • Continue with traditional data replication for business continuity
  • Distribute data to Oracle or DB2, whether in the cloud or on the edge
  • Integrate your data with Kafka, Splunk, ELK and more
  • Addition of data transformation when pursuing integration
Navy Federal Credit Union
Nationwide Building Society
First National Bank of Omaha

NTI delvers DRNet/Unified that meets all your data needs and NonStop users can have it all!

One solution, one vendor,
only ever one call to make!


for Business Continuity


for Business Cooperation


for Business Insight


for Business Opportunity

NTI's commitment to the NonStop community.


Global enterprises invest in NonStop to ensure continued operation of mission-critical applications; it is as much a commitment to supporting business continuity, as it is a contribution to provide better business insights.

Businesses acquire DRNet® solution to ensure IT operation continues whether facing planned or unplanned outages; as data moves to core and transaction processing to the edge, the NTI products capitalize on replication methodologies to move data in any required direction.

All organizations running the business are able to leverage DRNet® to ensure data is delivered to where it’s needed most; whether feeding a data warehouse or enriching a data lake or business intelligence software performing data analytics.

Processes embracing Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence can depend upon DRNet®; delivering fresh data as it is created in real time as input to critical ML / AI models.

NTI delivers more Firsts

NTI deploys, supports and constantly enhances the DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers product suite at a time where data is the new currency of business.

  • First NonStop partner to market
    • Pioneered NonStop data protection through data replication
  • First to leverage Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology for NonStop
    • Pioneered third-party solutions
  • First to leverage replication to deliver data throughout enterprise
    • Pioneered replication methodology for data integration, distribution and transformation
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