NTI has an integrated family of products designed to provide a solution for your specific requirements.

NTI is passionate about building effective, high-performance software that provides clients with flexible solutions for their business. However, software alone does not ensure success, so to assist in customization and integration efforts, NTI offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting services.

NTI’s consultants and system engineers are some of the brightest in the industry and specialize in NonStop architecture. Working as part of your team, we will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions while staying focused on your goals.

DRNet ® Open

DRNet®/OPEN extends DRNet®'s HP NonStop Server-based data replication product line to other hardware environments. DRNet®/OPEN collects database updates from NonStop Servers and uses our powerful messaging middleware to replicate data to most other kinds of hardware platforms, including Windows®, Unix®, and Linux®.

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DRNet ®, DRNet®/HB, DRNet®/HBR, DRNet®/APS

DRNet®, from NTI, is an integrated family of products designed to provide a solution for your specific requirements.

  • HB - Hot Backup - for disaster recovery protection
  • HBR - Hot Backup with Recovery - for high availability
  • APS - Application Partitioning System - for continuous availability
  • OPEN - Open - for replication to Open systems

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evolution enables GoldenGate platforms to be converted to DRNet platforms with zero customer facing outages, zero programming, and zero loss of transactions. Installed in about a day, evolution implements the network fabric for seamless migration with little to no risk.

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The FileSync product is used to automatically synchronize non-database files between HP NonStop Servers. It complements the NonStop real-time data replication products, allowing for a complete business continuity solution. FileSync is licensed separately on both the Source and Target HP NonStop Servers.

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Network Technologies International, Inc. (NTI) offers the opportunity to work in a creative, dynamic working environment. We respect the expertise of our diverse team and recognize the talents of each contributor.

Join our team and enjoy going to work!


Partners are an important component of the NTI business model. Our partners work with us to deliver top-quality products and services to help us anticipate our customers needs, help customers move towards their goals and avoid potentially costly issues by maintaining a finger on the ever-changing industry.

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